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The autumn course is limited to six participants, ie three parents and three children. The course starts if the current situation allows.
Together with your child or grandchild you will get the opportunity to explore and work in fine art, play and see what happens if you do´nt do as you usually do? This art course opens up new ways of seeing and provides opportunities to play and discover communication with and by pictures, colours and forms.
You get the chance to explore and visualize your ideas and experiment by using different tools and medias. Sketch and draw, paint with acrylics or oil paint on canvas and learn screen printing (fabric prints), for instance by stencils or many different hand printing techniques.

Language : English

Sat-Sun 10:00- 15:45

Redbergsskolan, Örngatan 6

Anneli Martin, University Lecturer Fine Art, Media and Design, Art Educator and Fine Artist.

820 kr/person inkl grundmaterial

Bra att veta
Både vuxen och barn måste anmälas.
Personer under 18 år kan anmälas med målsmans uppgifter. Anmälan kommer automatiskt registreras så att målsman blir betalare av kursavgift.
Kallelse skickas ca 3 veckor innan kursstart. Betalar du via Klarna kommer kallelse direkt.