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Felt couture for nuno felted dress/coat. !OBS-kursen hålls på engelska!

What to expect.
The workshop will be focused on designing and making one-piece fashionable and wearable nuno felted garments from the scratch.

Students will learn how to transform a felted garment into a form of self-expression fashion using wool and silk.
Students will explore the various ways of making reversible garments, they will explore how to incorporate textures pleats to create rough surfaces using different techniques and materials and still have a well-balanced garment.
The only limit during these four days will be you be your imagination.

They will learn how to enlarge a normal pattern into a felting pattern using the simple basic and experimental techniques I use in my work. Play with shapes, adding volume to the silhouette while keeping the specific body type in mind.
This is a very effective method that will help them develop their own pattern template that will suit and fit their body shape.

Even more you will end up with a lot of new creative ideas to be able to create unique pieces.

Most importantly they will learn how to work with the direction of the wool to achieve personalized style. The direction of the wool is very important in determining the shrinkage, styling and shaping of the felted finished garments.

The procedure:
Day 1:
Morning: On the first day, we will look at styling and colours. Trying out my samples and getting to know each other. Then Pattern cutting.
Afternoon: Sampling. In the afternoon students will start creating samples, making a miniature garment to help in understanding the whole process. This is very important because you get to try out the materials and colors and the style.
Finish with samples and do the pattern drafting enlarging and prepare for the days to follow.
Day 2 /3 : The following days we will concentrate on laying out the wool finely, precisely with care. Wool laying is extremely important in garment felting.
We continue with working on the felting process.
Day 3
On the last day we will be refining and shaping the final garment. Participants who work fast and have completed their garment will be invited to make an accessory to compliment the final piece.
Lastly and most importantly we will do the final fitting and at the end a fashion show to show off the finished piece.

Basic felting experience required.
No sewing needed. Only for attaching elements to the design.

Datum för kursen
20-22 juni kl 10-18

Material ingår inte i kursavgiften.
Vi återkommer med materiallista på vad du behöver ha med dig.

Lunch och fika ingår.

Fler kurser i tovning samma vecka, alla finns bokningsbara på SVs webbsida.
Under helgen 18-19 juni har du möjlighet att välja mellan tre tovnings kurser, Shibori med Gunilla Östbom, Tova en bild med Monika Wernhoff eller Nunotovad top med Sharity van der Meer (kursen är på engelska).
Veckan som följer finns det en unik möjlighet att delta i en Masterclass med Charity van der Meer och tova en kappa eller klänning. För den kursen bör du ha erfarenhet av nunotovning alternativt gått helgkursen med Charity. (kursen är på engelska).
Lunch och kaffe ingår i kursavgiften på alla tovningskurserna.

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