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Nada Yoga Retreat 23-26 juni Med Rajesh David och Karin Linder
Nada Yoga techniques lead to an increasingly refined tuning of our perception. The resonance produced by our vocal sounds have the potential not only to energise our body and mind, but also to heighten our awareness of the chakras. Nada means sound. It also means vibration, thus incorporating everything from the most seemingly solid to the most intangible, therefore our exploration of Nada must go beyond the limitations of human hearing to encompass wider concepts of harmony, balance and rhythm. In this course we effect the transition from sound to silence through music, mantra yoga and asana, and we reflect on the meaning and nature of Silence. Our journey leads us from audible sound to deeper realms of being, just as the chanting of the mantra Om, that perfect symbol of Nada, is followed by the silence from which the manifest universe emanates.

* Overview of the concept of Nada * Harmony and balance in posture and movement * Working with mantras * Sound and the chakra paradigm
* Exploring conscious deep sleep through Yoga Nidra * Meditation on ‘Silence
* Reflecting on the mantra OM through selected verses from the Upanishad

Rajesh David trained at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India. He is also a composer and singer, with a background in Indian classical music. As a professional singer he was an A- grade artist for All India Radio & Television. Whilst living as a resident of Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales for four years, he conducted kirtan and chanting sessions, gave concerts and taught regular Nada Yoga courses.

Program heldagar 07:30 – 20:30. Du sover hemma hos dig.

Plats: Sunne Prästgård (vid Andersön), kan dock ändras beroende på deltagarantal.

Mat: Förmiddagsfika, lunch och middag ingår.
Anmälan till Vuxenskolan. Har du frågor kontakta Karin Linder 0730624684