What do you know about Syria before the war?
Whether you are generally interested in Syria or feel in need of more knowledge, this free webinar will give you interesting insights in Syrian society -as it was before the war started in 2011.

The well-known Syrian poet, author and journalist Suzanne Ibrahim will introduce you to:
-civilizations in Syria throughout history
-famous women such as Julia Domna and Zenobia
-social structure, religion, diversity, and main activities of people
-modern Syria, universities, tourism, culture, nature, climate etc
-well-known writers, artists, and celebrities with connections to Syria (among others Steve Jobs)

This is a ZOOM webinar in English. Please let us know if you need support on how to join the meeting. Sign up and we will send you the meeting details. (klicka i "Jag tänker på miljön och vill få kallelser och fakturor via e-post istället för i brevlådan.")
Suzanne Ibrahim's bibliography:
(in Arabic)
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Yellow woman paints with blue (2005), Altawheedi publishing, Homs
Take me As I am.. As You Are (2009), Baal publishing, Damascus
You are in my eyes too many (2010), Altakween publishing, Damascus
Aquarelle (2014), Altakween publishing, Damascus
Now I become a forest (2016) Linda publishing, Alsuwaidaa

(in Swedish)
När vinden exploderar mot min hud (2019), Teg publishing, Sweden

(translated into French)
Mon cœur l’oiseau (2015), translated by Mohamed Salah Ben Amor, Edilivre, France
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Un chemin blanc – poèmes suédois (2019), translated by Mohamed Salah Ben Amor, Edilivre, France