Another life to Textiles.

Online workshop
Hello! My name is Andreea Bindar and I invite you into my world!
If you join me, you will find out what I have in mind when it comes to textiles. More precisely, I will teach you what the importance of textiles is, why re-using your textiles should be something normal and how you can give them a second life, using only what you have at home!
My book is a complete inspirational guide, which consists of more chapters: firstly, I present the importance of textiles, historically. Then, I tell you some facts about the textile industry nowadays. After that, it comes to the part where you take action (together with me, in the webinars). Here you will see not one, but 4 ways in which you can make a loom at home. Next, there will be some inspiration for what you can (re)use. On top of that, I give instruction on how to weave and crochet, after which I give you some vision for possible outcomes.
In the first meeting, Thursday 6th August 6 p.m.-8.30 p.m., I will present the book and we will introduce each other. I will also show you what I did using the method of weaving. In the next 4 workshops we will put in practice, together, the techniques presented in the book. At the first meeting you don't have to bring anything, but I will tell you that time what you should bring for the second meeting.
I can't wait to see you!

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Du kommer att få Andreas bok "Another life to Textiles" i Pdf form.

Andreea Bindar, utbytesstudent på Linnéuniversitetet

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Vi skickar dig en kallelse/ före kursstart. Har du uppgett en mejladress skickas kallelsen/fakturan på mejl, annars kommer den med vanlig post. Vi kommer att träffas digitalt via Teams eller Zoom. Inbjudan kommer via mail. Om du har några frågor kring det tekniska, så hör av dig så hjälps vi åt med det.