Philosophical Reading Club is gladly inviting to listen these interesting talks to celebrate International Day of Philosophy
Does social media make us more social, or have we become more alienated from each other? How social are we nowadays? How does social media affect our lives and social skills?
We scroll at least 2 hours a day on our smartphone, but probably more. That is 14 hours per week, 168 hours per year; so a minimum of 7 full days and nights every year. And that number is rising.
During dinners with friends screens regularly light up and the attention wanes. Are we still present in the here and now, or are we disappearing into our digital bubble too often?
What is more important thing in life? Status, money, a lot of digital contact? Or physical connection with the people around us, and social interaction in real life?
Are we still able to do this, or have we forgotten this skill? Have we become more social in the recent decades, or have we become a little more alienated from each other?
Let's take a closer look at this subject together. But above all..let's talk in real life.

Linda Kejzer-Gouman

Bra att veta
Det är gratis att vara med, men det är bra om du måste föranmäla dig senast 14 november.