Philosophical Reading Club is gladly inviting to listen these interesting talks to celebrate International Day of Philosophy
Rotterdam method: philosophy is not alienated anymore.
Rotterdam method (originally: 'Les Filles Sophies') in presenting philosophy offers the possibility to think together, to listen to each other and to develop a questioning attitude in a safe way.
The evening talk consists of three parts:
1 The stimulus
To get into the thinking sphere, we start with a stimulus: a text, a photo, a video or something else.
2 Questions
Inspired by this stimulus, we come up with questions. From the collected questions we choose 1 or 2, which will form the starting point for the conversation.
3 Thinking Conversation
One of the participants opens the conversation by answering the question
The conversation then proceeds according to a method that ensures that participants listen to each other as well as possible and introduce new arguments. We will explain this clearly to you during the evening.
The purpose of the conversation is not to find an answer together, but to continue the thinking process and generate as many different ideas as possible.
Surprise yourself during this unique meeting! You do not need to prepare anything and no prior knowledge is required. Accessible to everyone.

Caroline van Twillert och Sanne

Bra att veta
Det är gratis att vara med, men du måste föranmäla dig senast 14 november.