Explore Philosophy from home this autumn!

In any season, in any weather, in day of turbulence, in day of calmness, under threat of Covid-19 or not, in any political climate or private mood there is always a time and place for intellectual development and cultivating independent way of thinking. It is what philosophy is exactly about. It is a content of invitation to Online Philosophical Discussions. Open for all interested, free of charge, in English, with a plan for the first ten meetings.

1.What is philosophy about?
2.Being or Becoming. Difference and significance.
3. The concept of God.
3. Is there need in metaphysics?
4.Definition of man.
5. The search for the meaning.Is there meaning in the concept of meaning.
6. Political systems.
7. Philosophical account of art (s).
8.Is poetry or literature closer to philosophy?
9. The possibility of knowledge. Limits and challenges.
10. Triangle: Religion-Philosophy-Science.

Ledaren talar engelska och svenska

For instance Plato's dialogue Euthyphro

Daria Lebedieva, PhD in philosophy, freelance and teacher

För dig som vill gå vidare finns även de digitala studiecirklarna”Digitalt Språkcafé, Lifelong Kindergarten, Wikipedia group”

Bra att veta
Vi skickar dig en kallelse/faktura via mail före kursstart. Vi kommer att träffas digitalt via Zoom.
Om inte den föreslagna tiden passar bra, så hittar vi en annan tid som deltagarna i gruppen väljer gemensamt.