Philosophical Reading Club announces the plan and schedule for the coming four months. The reading of early Plato's dialogues as the means to get acquainted with the intellectual exercises of philosophy. Perhaps, it is the only one club in Älmhult (or even Sweden). So, you are welcome, one dialogue per month and two meetings per month. Start 17.00-18:00 Fika break 18:00-18:15. Summary of discussion 18:15-19:00.
Dialogues: May-Euthyphro, June-Apology of Socrates, July-Charmides, August-Crito.
Meetings: 12.05, 26.05, 30.06, 14.07,28.07,11.08,25.08

Invitation to join Reading Club of Philosophy Books
To Whom: To those indulged in reading...
To those who cannot image a leisure time without a nose stuck in the book...
To those courageous ones to open a page of philosophical book....
Organizer: Daria Lebedieva, PhD in philosophy, lecturer and freelance activist of Wikipedia group Gender Inequality Gap, above all a newcomer in Älmhult, mom of two kids, encourage the interested ones in completing a reading list of philosophical books and starting Reading Club. Daria aims to popularize the interst to philosophy via running a reading club.
Purposes: We will learn that via reading one book -for instance Plato's dialogue Euthyphro- one can touch the realm of philosophy. We will assure that reading is not merely a scanning the pages. We will learn not to avoid the ‘’difficult ‘’ places in a chosen philosophical book. We will get across with the art of discussing and reconstructing philosopher’s ideas with adding own layers of interpretations. Finally, we will understand that reading philosophy is a constant rereading and getting inspiration.
Beginning: we will set a format (one book per month, two meetings per month).