All the inquisitive & curious minds who are always thinking about the wonderful world of science are welcome to join the science club!

The purpose of this club is go beyond the confines of the curriculum and borrowed thoughts. This club will help enable develop the interest of the young & ever inquisitive brains, who will particularly get a chance to explore, investigate and learn various aspects of science through a mix of creative, engaging and hands on practical activities. This would give them an opportunity to observe, question, investigate and enrich their learning process.

Course content The course is spread over a period of seven weeks. Kids will discuss the basic and fundamental concepts related to various topics of science with the help of demonstrations, experiments, activities and simple models.

Age For kids 8 years and above Teacher Shelly Rewal More than 17 years of versatile professional experience as a Science / Physics Teacher with ability to teach wide range of students. My approach to teaching is ‘Hands-On Minds-On’ ie, learning by doing. It helps students to relate the concepts with daily life applications and enhances their perception, creativity and logic.

För dig som vill gå vidare finns även ”Kids Camps, Tuga Kids Workshops”

Bra att veta
Vi skickar dig en kallelse/faktura via mail före kursstart. Lokalen är handikappanpassad, handikappentré finns på baksidan.