This course is aimed at those who wish to gain a greater confidence in speaking swedish! We will practice speaking swedish in different social settings where it may be needed. Gaining a greater vocabulary and feeling safe to try these will be the main focus of the course, where we will practice in groups as well as individual.

The main goal with this course is gaining confidence in speaking swedish in different social contexts, where focus will be on conversation. The classes will mainly be held in swedish and focus on participatory exercises as well as some reading. At the end of this course, you will be able to handle social situations with greater ease - ordering at restaurants/cafes, ask for information and help, telling about yourselves and asking about others.

Approximately 2 semesters in basic swedish or equivalent.

Nadja hails from Västerås and has been living in Malmö for about a year. Prior to landing in Malmö, she has lived and studied in Mexico City and Buenos Aires, among others. In addition to Swedish, Nadja also speaks English, Russian and some Spanish. When she is not studying or working, she likes to read books, play cello or take on her plants. Learning something new together, Nadja thinks is the most enjoyable way, and therefore look forward to this semester together!

Course literature
Vardagssvenska - Grundkurs i svenska språket (Natur och Kultur)