Welcome to Swedish course 1 at Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan! This course aims to provide a greater knowledge of the swedish language in speaking and grammar in order to gain a greater confidence in the usage of swedish language in different contexts. We will focus on both grammar and speaking by using literature, course texts and smaller seminars where we discuss different topics. The classes will be held mainly in swedish.

The goal is to improve the swedish vocabulary as well as the knowledge of swedish culture in different ways. To do so, we will use swedish textbooks as well as focusing on speaking swedish based on the individuals personal level. Throughout the course, one will improve swedish language skills in a way that will be suitable in everyday life. Unlike the course ‘Swedish - easy conversation’, this course will also discuss grammar more profoundly on a level that will suit every participant.

Approximately 4 semesters in swedish language, or equivalent.

Nadja hails from Västerås and has been living in Malmö for about a year. Prior to landing in Malmö, she has lived and studied in Mexico City and Buenos Aires, among others. In addition to Swedish, Nadja also speaks English, Russian and some Spanish. When she is not studying or working, she likes to read books, play cello or take on her plants. Learning something new together, Nadja thinks is the most enjoyable way, and therefore look forward to this semester together!

Svenska 1 - Helt Enkelt (NA förlag)