Hantverk & konst

Inför denna kurs så ska du har grundläggande kunskaper i engelska.

Have you ever painted outside? Now it's the time to try that. We will meet at the beautiful lake Lygnern, to start painting the lake. Everyone will get indications and directions into how one can draw, paint and capture the lake's beauty. We will be painting on easels using acrylics. All the material is provided for. Dress up accordingly with the temperatures and wear comfortable shoes. At the end of the class you can take your masterpiece home and show it to everyone else!

All you need to come with, is a smile on your face and everything else, materials, is all included.

The class lasts 4 study hours. The classes are held live at Lygnern Lake in Sätila. The class is built for 5 people at a time!

The class will be held in English so it is a good way to improve your English skills.

If the weather is not holding up, we may change the date accordingly.

All the events are held as a part of the Konstgaraget.se mission. The founder Corina with her artist name RINA is a visual artist who recently moved to Sätila. She creates art in various forms, from oil paintings to drawings or crafts. She likes to share her secrets as an artist and teach others how to be more creative. She speaks a little Swedish at the moment but she also speaks English, Spanish, Italian and French.

Rina is a visual artist that has sold her art work all over the world and has had multiple exhibitions along the years. Through her paintings she expresses her feelings, stories and lessons that life taught her. Every painting has a story and a meaning to it.

Fascinated by art and how one person can feel by creating it, she started studying art therapy and became a life coach specialized in art therapy and performance. She strongly feels that art can heal, can change perspectives, can bring people closer and can toss negative feelings aside. Art can be an easy, cheap tool that can provide a wide range of modalities to help people that struggle in different life points to overcome them. it is a fast tool, available to anyone who wants to try it out. You can see and read more about her on www.rina.gallery