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Kulning is an old voice technique used in Swedish and Norwegian summer farms long ago. It was a way for calling the cattle and communicating with other people over long distances. You use a very high, strong and powerful voice when you Kular, and in a quiet forest it can be heard for kilometers. Everyone can find their own powerful voice, so no special singing voice is needed in learning Kulning. The important thing is to use your own unique voice, that every single person has. And some courage…
We use a meticulous voice warm-up with playful and relaxing voice exercises to approach and explore our powerful voices. Along the way you’ll also get to know the history of Kulning.
24-25 of August 2019 Saturday and Sunday from 10.30-17.30 at beautiful Björnlunda Hembygdsgård in Sörmland, Sweden. The Hembygdsgård (folk museum) is also a youth hostel with 11 beds, so it is possible to stay over night.
Course fee: 1850 SEK.

About the teacher:
Karin Lindström Kolterud, is a folksinger with roots in both Sweden and Norway. She has 'kulat' for many years, and feels she has the mission to bring the Kulning tradition futher. Karin worked for many years at the outdoor museum Skansen in Stockholm, and has performed with Kulning there, and in many other contexts. She also uses Kulning as a tool for mindfulness and once made a research projekt on royal college of music in Stockholm, about how Kulning could actually support wellness for people with fatigue syndrome. It turned out to be a very positive result in relation to reduced levels of stress, experience of inner strength and mindfulness, both in body and mind. Karin says about Kulning: "To Kula is to trust and make visible your inner strength. It's to take space with your voice and to be here and now in mind and body".

Listen to Karins calling here /a>

To find out more about the course and see how Karin works, please visit her website