Our business


An international unit of Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Stockholm.
IKC begins a new phase in its 40 year history as an international meeting place for people from different cultures and countries. It’s a unit that has the task of organizing and promoting politically and religiously independent study and adult education activities in order to give people opportunities to develop.

IKS also serves as a connecting link between different cultural expressions in terms of both form and ethnicity.

With us, the new Swedes learned the language and got an insight into Swedish society.

Today, many of them are circle leaders and share their knowledge. We have over 80 international cultural organizations that collaborate with us and their members come from all parts of the world. These organizations have different orientations, such as

  • International affairs
  • Social studies
  • Language
  • Music, dance, song, theater and film.
  • Arts and crafts
  • Computer & IT

IKC also offers flexible learning i.e. distance learning with the possibility of individual choice of class structure, pace and method.

We have a basement stage at Hornstull and study- and office facilities at Medborgarplatsen.

If you are interested in the outside world, learn languages or arrange music, dance, theater, etc., please contact us.