Beteendevetenskap, Språk

Welcome to our free digital Swedish course based on Sarah Campbells book "Swedish for parents"!

Learning a new language and being a parent in a country that isn't your own can be very tough and challenging. You may not have time to go to SFI, you may not even have time to leave your house. That is why Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan has developed a Swedish course designed for international parents, based on Sarah Campbell's book "Swedish for parents". The course focuses on everyday life in Sweden and how to navigate the world of baby food, diapers, pre-school and kids clothing in Swedish. The main target group is parents who are currently on parental leave and are looking to get in touch with others and to learn and practise some Swedish in a relaxed atmosphere.

The course has nine sessions and is free of charge. If you sign up, though, we are expecting you to take part in the course regularly.

We recommend buying Sarah’s book to accompany your learning. You can order it HERE

The topics for each session are:

1. Getting settled - introducing yourself and your family and making new friends // Jag och min familj
2. Family constellations - talk about your family and where you come from // Släkt och relationer
3. Children's and baby items - shopping, dressing your child and manage the Swedish winters // Kläder och saker till barnet
4. Visiting the doctor and the Swedish healthcare system // Hälsa och sjukvård
5. Everyday life - how to be social and plan your life // Vardagslivet
6. Preschool // Förskola
7. Celebrations and festivities // Firande och högtider
8. Topic of choice
9. Topic of choice

Who will you meet?
Sanja Vasileva, herself an expat who has been living in Uppsala for the last 7 years. Sanja is very active in the international parent community and runs a facebook group to make it easier for international parents to integrate in Uppsala.

Practical information
The course will be held via zoom, 1,5 hours with a break per session. The link will be sent to you after registration.

You register here on the website (see "ANMÄLAN"). If you do not have a personal number yet, send Felicitas an e-mail to register,

Contact for more information:
Felicitas Rabiger
Tel: 018-10 23 75