SVs adult education remit

Regardless of whether you’re a private citizen or a member of an organisation, you’ll be eligible for adult education at SV. However the courses are funded or organised, SVs remit is to provide first-class adult education stressing the needs of the individual. SVs study courses satisfy the need for knowledge, education and social commitment no matter how you get in touch. For us, the key insight is that everyone, regardless of age, gender or background, has the potential for development on the basis of their own unique skills and proficiencies.

Organisation market
All organisations have different needs and objectives. These needs are what determine SVs operations on the organisation market. For society and democracy in general, involvement in the activities of local organisations, whether cultural, social or in other specialist fields, is of prime importance. SV’s work helps promote cooperation between organisations and local groups and associations.

General market
As every person is unique, everyone has a unique set of needs. On the general market, SV creates educational choices and meeting places based on the needs and wishes of the individual. It is important to ensure that all people can be afforded an opportunity for personal development. This is why we strive to keep the courses we offer as varied as possible – in other words, at SV you have considerable freedom of choice.

Commissioned education
Commissioned education serves to complement SVs adult education remit. Commissioned education usually comes in the form of educational packages based on our adult-education skills and thus contributes to the development both of individuals and of society at large.

SVs commissioned education packages are intended primarily for the public sector, organisations and companies