SVs mission

”Diversity” is one of the most beautiful words in the Swedish language. According to the dictionary, it means a broad variety, and at SV it’s a word we tend with the greatest of care. We have a broad variety of study circles and a wide diversity of participants. What’s unique about study circles is that they bring together people of all ages whose backgrounds and life experience may be completely different – but they all share a common interest. That’s what helps people to develop.

SV knows that everyone can develop.

That’s why, all over Sweden, SV offers creative meeting places in the form of talks, study circles and various cultural arrangements. That’s because we believe that meetings between people are one of the most important stimulants to development. When a 19-year-old who’s just discovered the joys of ceramics meets a 68-year-old who’s been making pots all her life, something happens. With their shared interest, with themselves as people. At all levels, they start learning from each other.

One of the big social problems of today is that people from different generations and different cultural backgrounds are unable to meet. Often because they can’t find the way to each other. SV knows that the best way of getting there is by joining a circle. Because, in a study circle, everyone is just as important. There, everyone contributes to diversity.