The study circle leader

- a person of exceptional importance

The study circle leader

You can tell from the name. He or she leads the study circle. He or she stands right at the centre of things. Naturally, first by preparing the circle and getting it nicely in order. Then, in the best meaning of the word, by meeting the participants.

For SV, the circle leader is the image we project on the outside world. For
the participants, he or she is the person who helps them open up new worlds. Very often, the participants regard the circle leader as their prime source of inspiration. In other words, here at SV the study circle leader is a person of exceptional importance.

Long tradition and experience enable SV to employ only the most proficient and most committed study circle leaders. People who are themselves eager to participate in further education in the subjects with which they have the greatest familiarity – and which they love. What’s really fascinating about the circle as a form of study is that everyone plays an active role and learns from everyone else. Including the study circle leader. Many new circles have sprung up as the result of talks between the participants and the circle leader.

”What if we were to …”. Ideas are born and lead to new meetings, which lead to new developments, which lead to new ideas…

Circle leaders at SV are offered a course of educational training especially designed to enable them to create study circles that give participants genuine opportunities for personal development and self fulfilment. With a few good laughs along the way…