Colourful Togetherness


We all come from various backgrounds, we have diverse cultural codes, unique colour tastes, diversified aesthetic perceptions. And these diversities create a brand new, colourful togetherness in Älmhult!

In this workshop, we will create a colourful panel together for Konstrundan 2024.
Inspired by the keywords that bring us together, we will create compositions on 19 x 19 cm paper.
Key words: Art, Konst, Älmhult, Älmhult Konstförening, Älmhult Art Centre, Konstrunda 2024, Creativity, etc.
Everyone may have different keywords, we can share and use them with each other!
Each participant will use 3 pieces of paper to create a composition. One of them will be used to create the large Konstrunda board. All will remain with the participants.
Colouring is the most enjoyable part of the workshop. During the workshop, knowledge about colour will be given. All can use their own colour combinations.

How the workshop runs?
All participants will receive 3 pieces of paper (A4 size).
Creating composition: Participants will create a composition in a space of 19x19 cm. They can use the keywords in their compositions letter by letter, or they can write them outside the Latin alphabet.
On the first paper, participants will use their own colour palette.
On the second paper, participants will be invited to colour in their partner, friend or child.
In the third one, we start painting the Konstrundan board and we paint together!
We are divided into round groups of five people. Each participant in the circle first creates their composition. Then, in the colouring part of the composition, each participant in the circle colours together. Everyone colours an area of the composition within 1 minute and gives it to the person next to them. Every 1 minute a paper changes hands!

After this colouring session, we will create the Konstrundan 2024 board together with all participants.

Materials will be provided to participants.
Materials: Special paper, pencils, paint, water containers, palette for mixing paints, brushes.

Semra Gür Üstüner was born in Turkey. Her high school, bachelor's, master's and doctorate in art and textiles. She started her career as a textile designer. Starting her twelve-year journey as a research assistant at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, she took a break as an associate professor. Surface design, print design, colour, creativity and design history are her areas of expertise. Currently in the process of writing a book on textile art in Turkey, she is excited to open her own art and design studio in Almhult called Studio of Creativity!
The painting above is a piece of Semras Art.

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Good to know
Please register before August 24th.
The workshop will consist of two 45 minute sessions.
20 minutes coffee break.
Information and invoice will be sent to the participants before.

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14:00 - 15:50

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Älmhult Art Center Stationsplan 1 34330 Älmhult

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