English Conversation Course


Summercourse: English Conversation Course
English Conversational course is designed to develop a comprehensive foundation in English conversational skills, enabling participants to communicate confidently and effectively in various contexts.

Course content
1. Introduction to Conversational Basics
- Topics Covered: Importance of conversation, basic etiquette, and the role of body language.
- Activities: Ice-breaking exercises, role-plays on greetings and small talk.

2. Active Listening and Responding
- Topics Covered: Techniques for active listening, providing feedback, and asking clarifying questions.
- Activities: Listening exercises, paired dialogues focusing on understanding and response accuracy.

3. Building Coherent Conversations
- Topics Covered: Structuring conversations, maintaining flow, and transitioning between topics.
-Activities: Group discussions on familiar topics, storytelling practices to maintain coherence.

4. Cultural Sensitivity in Conversations
- Topics Covered: Understanding cultural differences, appropriate conversation topics, and avoiding misunderstandings.
- Activities: Case studies on cross-cultural interactions, discussions on cultural norms and taboos.

5. Enhancing Vocabulary and Expressions
- Topics Covered: Expanding vocabulary, using idiomatic expressions, and practicing varied sentence structures.
- Activities: Vocabulary games, exercises on idioms and expressions in context, dialogue creation.

6. Practicing Real-World Conversations
- Topics Covered: Applying all learned skills in simulated real-world scenarios, receiving constructive feedback.
- Activities: Role-playing different scenarios (e.g., job interviews, social gatherings), peer and instructor feedback sessions.

Catherine Wincent has English as her mother tounge. She lives in Älmhult and is interested to get to know some new people in Älmhult and share her knowledge in the English language.

Develop possibilities
If the group is interested, we can continue in the autumn

Good to know
We will meet six mondays from June 24th til July 29th.
It´s free of charge. Please register before start.




17:30 - 19:00

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SV Älmhult Eriksgatan 1 34330 Älmhult


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